Banana Milkshake #FrugalFriday #Video


Happy Friday gorgeous reader!

The weekend is so close you can taste it…

Talking of which, what better way to celebrate the weekend and save some cash (this being a #FrugalFriday post) than to raid the fridge and whip up something delicious for next-to-no-money?

The title of the post kind of gives it away, but today we’re talking milkshake: seriously, what could be simpler?

A homemade milkshake is way healthier than anything you’d buy from a café, it will taste a million times better (yes, that’s an officially verified statistic after extensive research and surveys), and you’ll save yourself some cash into the bargain… what could be better?

Enough talk! Watch the video and let me know in the comments below, what’s your favourite milkshake?

Myles Money

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