RealVision… The Financial Revolution Will Be Televised

A few days ago I mentioned that I had been interviewed by a TV company to discuss my interest in money & debt and today I am delighted to be able to reveal the details of the project I’ve been invited to work on: RealVision TV.

RealVision is an on-demand, subscription video service providing a library of content on economics and investing. In the words of its founders, their aim is to create a revolution in the way investors educate themselves in the ever-changing world of financial markets by providing the tools for them to arm themselves with independent thought and analysis from real experts on real world investment and real world economics.

After watching the video, please let me know what you think in the comments section below: the blunter you are the better. This is the first time I have ever been in front of a camera and I have to admit I was nervous, so any tips or advice you may have will help me to learn the ropes more quickly. And that’s vital because I have been asked to contribute regularly to the new platform, so please help me out!

The project is the brainchild of four men, all of whom are giants in their respective fields, who bring together the broad range of skills and experience which will drive RealVision’s success.

  • Raoul Pal is a former fund-manager for Goldman Sachs and is considered to be one of the best global macro investors in the world. He also publishes the highly-regarded research newsletter The Global Macro Investor, a subscription to which costs tens of thousands of dollars.
  • Grant Williams is a fund manager for Vulpes, works with Mauldin Economics and is the author of the brilliant Things That Make You Go Hmmm newsletter: if you’re not already a subscriber, you should be.
  • Damian Horner is one of the UK’s top advertising executives.
  • Remi Tétot is a fund manager and IT expert.

Their goal is to offer an alternative to the established financial television channels like CNBC and Bloomberg which they believe provide viewers with precious little valuable information, and to do so by bringing together the brightest and best of the financial world, many of whom are unsung heroes who don’t usually seek publicity or appear in the media, including influential research analysts, hedge-fund managers, newsletter writers and traders.

“RealVision is a mix of things, somewhere between TED, Netflix, and The Economist,” explained Pal in a recent interview.

“At its very core we felt that people were not getting access to open and honest discussion about economic and investment state-of-affairs. We think the world is incredibly complicated right now, and people need to see a broader range of discussions to make their own decisions. The good thing is, because we know so many of these people and because we’ve been around for so long, they were willing to get on board with us and help us with our mission.”

Interestingly, the launch of RealVision comes at a time where CNBC viewing figures have just hit a 21-year low.

Don’t forget that you can click here to access a free trial where you will find 8 taster videos on the new platform, including an interview with Raoul Pal discussing gold and bitcoin.

Again, I would be interested in your feedback. Did you find the videos interesting? Did you learn anything? And, perhaps most importantly, what would you like to see on a financial TV platform which aims to televise the revolution?