#SmartMoney | 12th Oct 2014

RealVision TV
Hey Myles! What has the #SmartMoney been talking about this week?

I am SO glad you asked…

Video has been the focus of my attention this week, largely because I had the privilege of being interviewed by RealVision TV (shameless plug) about why I am interested in financial literacy in schools, about the enormous student loan burden faced by young students in further education, and about why I think a mountain of debt will affect them in later life.

I am hoping to get permission to post a copy of the interview here on the blog, but for now it’s only available to RealVision members.

However, in the meantime I can offer you a free trial which gives you access to 8 taster videos and which will provide you with a flavour of what RealVision has to offer: the antidote to tired, traditional financial TV.

I will be doing more work with RealVision in the coming months, so don’t be surprised if I mention them again.


Another video I enjoyed was “Sell Your Crap… Pay Your Debt… Do What You Love!” (below), a creatively-titled TED talk by Adam Baker from Man vs Debt about how he and his wife got out of the debt cycle, sold everything they owned and then went travelling.

Adam talks about the futility of getting into debt to buy crap, then going to work (probably a job you hate) in order to pay off the debt so you can afford to buy more crap. And he asks a very simple, yet profound question, the answer to which is the secret to happiness: “What does freedom mean to you?

Some of us have a dream we never fulfill. Others, people like Adam and his wife, just get out and live their dreams. I want to belong to the latter group.


Finally, due to celebrating my 18th birthday recently (thank you all for your kind wishes and for the great comments and advice you came up with), I spent a quite a bit of time searching for the secret of life: I know, I’m not the first and I’m sure I won’t be the last.

What I was really looking for of course, was the secret of happiness, and whether or not you’ve seen it before, this video is always worth another watch to remind you of the things which are (or should be) important. We’re lucky to be here and we should take more time to appreciate all the wonderful things we have, rather than complaining about the things we don’t.


Have a great week!