Sugar Rush | #FrugalFriday

I watched a fascinating documentary this week and if you haven’t had the opportunity to see it yet then I recommend you do: it’s called FED UP.

But before I get started, do yourself a favour and drink a glass of water while you read this: you’ll understand why later.

FED UP was made by the same people who made Al Gore’s award-winning film “An Inconvenient Truth” and it seeks to expose the truth behind the massive increase in obesity and weight-related health issues we see in the West today, particularly among young people.

The message is this:

PROCESSED FOODS – particularly the low-carb, low-fat versions which fill the supermarket shelves – ARE KILLING YOU.

According to the documentary, there are a bunch of historical & political reasons why we find ourselves in this situation, but in effect it all comes down to money: in much the same way that the tobacco industry tried to cover up the health risks associated with smoking for decades in order to turn a profit, today the food industry is intent of making a ton of money from cheap, processed foods, and to hell with the health of the nation.

So what’s making us fat? Surely the low-fat option is better for you, right?


The biggest culprit these days is not fat. It’s sugar. And every time you see LOW-FAT on the box, it means “added sugar”. They won’t call it sugar of course – they use a host of other fancy names to disguise it – but whether you call it fructose, dextrose, glucose, maltose or corn syrup… it’s all sugar.

There, I said it. Sugar makes you fat: your body’s reaction to sugar is to immediately convert it into fat because sugar is instant energy and whatever your body can’t burn immediately, it stores for later use.

So each time you chug a bucket of “diet soda” – whether it’s Pepsi, Coke or any of the other hundreds of brands available – you’re slapping on the pounds and damaging your insides.

Damaging your insides? What are you talking about?

Please don’t tell me you heard it here first…


As any 3rd Grader will tell you, drop a penny into a glass of Coke and it will change colour. But it doesn’t go back to being a beautiful shiny penny, does it? No, it’s had the outer-layer (including the grime) stripped away by the sugar and it’s a kind of dull, pink colour.

Heads up: you may as well have put your penny in a glass of acid.

So if that’s what sugar does to a penny, what do you think it’s doing to your insides? Surely it can’t be bad for you or they wouldn’t be allowed to sell it, would they?

Think again.


Sugar is addictive and according to medical research, it lights up the same areas in the brain as cocaine. Is it any wonder we crave a sugar rush and find it hard to break the habit?

If that was the only problem then maybe it wouldn’t be too bad, but we now have the greatest incidence of Type-2 diabetes in the Western world EVER. And the scariest thing is that we’re seeing diabetes in teenagers for the first time.

Diabetes? What’s so bad about that? And why should you care?

Diabetes is what happens when your body can no longer process the sugar in your body, and that leaves it to destroy your insides the same way Coke destroys the surface of that penny.

It will start with your eyesight because your optic nerves and the blood capillaries which feed your eyes are very delicate… so your sight will deteriorate and you will go blind.

Meanwhile, the sugar will also be attacking other easy targets: you will gradually lose sensation in your feet, your toes will turn black and eventually they may need to be amputated, but many people lose their legs entirely.

Still not convinced? Okay then, how about this for a statistic? Ours is the first generation since records began which is predicted to have a shorter life-span than that of our parents: despite all the advances in technology and medicine, it is expected that we will die younger than our parents because of our addiction to sugar.

So check out trailer below, then go rent the DVD from your local store. You need to know this stuff because, no matter how much money you make during your lifetime, your health is the single most valuable thing you will ever possess.

And while you’re watching, why not kill two birds with one stone by treating yourself to another glass of water instead of a gallon of Coke?

Not only is water cheaper, but every can of Coke you drink has 5 spoons of sugar in it, so every sip you take makes you fatter and pushes you one step closer to losing your eyesight and losing the use of your legs to diabetes.

Happy #FrugalFriday!