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A brand new project, a brand new blog, and my first order of business is signing up to the Yakezie challenge.

“What’s that?” you say.

Of course you haven’t heard of it… why would you?

The Yakezie Network is the largest personal finance and lifestyle blog network on the internet. It was started in December 2009 and since then it has grown into a thriving personal finance community, focusing on helping people to better understand money and debt.

To date there are over 100 Members: bloggers from all walks of life with a wide variety of experiences and opinions, all of whom have completed a 6-month challenge to be accepted into the network.

I consider it a privilege to be taking up the challenge to join their ranks myself.

If you’re interested in personal finance, in money and in how to manage debt, you could do a lot worse than checking out some of the blogs in the network:


Just do it! Do it now!